Electric scooter sharing!

How it works?

Simple registration, accessible pick up, easy driving, convenient drop off
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    Download the mobile app

    Download the free Skok app to rent our mopeds.
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    Create an account

    In order to register you need:
    - 18 years old
    - Valid driver’s license
    - Credit card
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    Book an initiation or opt out

    Before you can start using Skok you will need to follow a training course where we will teach you how to drive the scooter (it is for free). If you feel you have enough experience to drive a scooter in real traffic, you can choose to opt-out of this training. Training is highly recommended and opting- out is at your own risk.

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    Find and book

    Using the app find the nearest scooter and book it. Now that you have found a Skok the next step is to reserve it by clicking on “Reserve”. You have 10 minutes to reach the vehicle.

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    Start and Drive

    - Once you have found the scooter, you can start your ride by hitting the “Start” button on the app. Open the top box and take out the helmet of your size.
    - Get on to the scooter and take it off its stand.
    - To start the scooter, push the green button on the right handlebar. “Ready” will appear in green on the dashboard.You are now ready to hit the road!
    - You can temporarily pause your ride at a reduced fee of €0.05 per minute (you can pause your ride outside the service area)

  • 6

    Park and finish

    - Once you have reached your destination, return the scooter within one of our Parking areas, indicated in color on the app.
    - Open the top Box to store the helmet(s) and put the scooter on the central stand.
    - Make sure the top box is closed!
    - Confirm the return by hitting the “End” button on the app.

Estimated range
Max passengers
Max speed
SKOK scooters


Fair prices - happy users!

1,99 EUR
0,21 EUR/min

minimum price
0,05 EUR/min
25,00 EUR


Low battery? Just park eScooter in one of the allowed/authorized zones and grab a fresh one!

About Skok

Eco-friendly electric scooter sharing in Riga!

SKOK is a new start-up brand that offers a fully automated eScooter-sharing service in Riga based on a short-term, self-service rental model. We established a free-floating network of sharing eScooters via a mobile application that allows the user to locate, rent and operate an eScooter in Riga. SKOK is envisioned to provide a cheap and eco-friendly transport solution, providing an alternative way to get around Riga. Our company is the first provider of the eMopeds sharing in Riga at this scale. Riga experiences a high volume of traffic, particularly during rush hours. The implementation of the eScooter sharing system addresses this issue, whilst meeting other objectives such as reducing emissions and noise pollution and providing alternative means for residents and tourists to get around the city. Join the network and download the mobile app today.


Skok training


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